How to fit your Exokit cupboard doors?

Step 1 :

By hand, push the hinges into the slots on the doors until they do not move.

Step 2 :

Locate the intended height of the hinges by presenting the door with its hinges in place in front of the cabinet side.

Vissez la base de la charnière en pointant toujours la fleche vers l’intérieur du véhicule.

Step 3 :

Connect the hinge with its base plate.

Place the hinge on its base plate, first on the front of the furniture, as close as possible to the arrow. Then press on the rear part to hear the fixing.

Step 4 :

Fix the opening and closing system.

Using our locating tool, position the latch where you think it is most natural to press to open the door.

Once screwed in, press the latch into the closed position and place the female part on top with double-sided adhesive on the back side.

Close the door and if necessary reposition the female part so that it does not protrude from the door, then screw it in with a 16mm pan head screw.

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