About us

Our vision

EXOKIT is first and foremost a team of enthusiasts who share common interests: discovering new areas, meeting new people, enjoying our beautiful nature and all the riches it brings us. Our goal is to share our experience to help you create your best memories! To do this, we offer you optimised and customisable facilities.

Our story

During his studies in a nautical design office, it was an obvious choice for Morgan to fit out a van to spend his weekends by the water and enjoy every kite surfing session.

This is where the first seed of the Exokit idea was planted.

2019 : A new beginning

Following the closure of the surfboard factory they used to work for, Morgan and Raphael wanted to be independent, and together they rented a workshop in order to have the space to carry out various projects: surfboard manufacturing, digital machining, etc.

At the same time, Morgan is finishing the 3D drawings for the layout of his Fiat Ducato L4H2, with 6 road seats and 6 beds, in order to leave with his family.

For his part, Raphaël has just swapped his estate car for a T5 L2H1.

2020 : First meeting with a professional developer

When the approved convertible bench seat was installed in Morgan’s van, a professional fitter was impressed by the drawings and the layout. In the meantime, the purchase of a digital machining centre had been started: the factory was to leave on 18 March.

17 March 2020: An unexpected containment 

A change of programme and the beginning of a first period of confinement which delayed the arrival of the machine. A few weeks after its installation, the first piece of furniture was machined and shown to our partner at the time. His extremely positive feedback confirmed the idea of Exokit. The machine was launched.

Our quality commitments

Local production

All our furniture kits are manufactured in our workshops in Brittany. All our accessories are sourced as close as possible to our premises.

Green energy

Nous utilisons l’électricité d’un fournisseur français d’énergies 100% renouvelables.

Waste recovery

Our production techniques allow us to keep waste and scrap to a minimum.

Zero plastic packaging

We make it a point of honour not to use plastic in our packaging

Our values


We started out fitting out our vans to have a good time at the best spots. Then we had fun designing our solutions, and continue to have fun in our daily work.


To make your van a pleasure to fit out, it has to be simple. We make it easy to customise your van to suit you. Our design allows us to offer you kits that are easy to assemble


We take great care in the choice of materials and products we offer, in order to provide you with fittings that stand the test of time! Beyond the resistance of our products, we make sure that they have the least impact on our planet

Our partners