You want to go on a trip with your children in a van of less than 2 metres, but you can’t find the ideal configuration?

We’ve selected 3 options that match your criteria, but we’ll let you decide which one suits you best!


Option 1: Simplicity and speed


Ideally, you should start with a base vehicle with an extended cab, which will give you 5 seats on the road on a daily basis as well as cargo space in the back.

With our specific extended cab furniture kit, you will have the space to have a U-shaped bench seat allowing you to be comfortable enough to eat with 4 or 5 people.

In the night version you also get an extra wide bed (up to 160cm on a Renault Trafic 3). We advise you to make it your parental suite and to reserve the front seats for your children with transverse beds.

Option N°2: Comfort and minimalism


On the basis of a standard van, you can install a bench seat that converts into a bed, such as the RIB Scopema or Schnierle, which will allow you to add more seats to the vehicle’s registration.

On special request, we have designed a transverse comb bed at the rear of the van which will offer you space for 2 children’s beds. This bed will be positioned on the work surface of your left side cabinet in a complete low version. The convertible bench seat will pass underneath this bed and will also offer you a double bed of 1m20 wide.

Option 3: The complete layout

In the case of this complete arrangement we have a maximum of equipment